Perception Management

What is Perception Management and Why It Matters

Many of us are familiar with the CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) TV series that showcases Forensic Science as the key tool in solving crimes. However, when we look closer we see that it is less the technology or tools, and more the perception of the investigators that solves the crimes. I was reminded of this recently after reviewing my keynote speech at the 10th Anniversary event of the Masters in Forensic Science at the University of Amsterdam, where I shared this point and explored how by seeing the big picture, with a sharp eye for detail, we can manage our perceptions.

 A Common Challenge
While there is much diversity in the challenges that come from each specific brand and each specific task, there still remains a unity of challenges that are faced by all. And overarching these common challenges is the task of Perception Management. How we see the world, what we focus on, and what we delete, together create our reality, and our reality defines what we need to do. So we better get this right.

 An American psychologist, David Perkins, states that 90% of our mistakes come from mistakes in our perception and only 10% of our mistakes come from mistakes in our thinking. So he is stating that when we see the world correctly, the thinking that follows is easy. If however we see the world incorrectly all thinking that follows will be limited. Managing our perception is more important than managing our thinking.

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