Perception Management

Three Filters of Perception Every Manager Should Know

To see the world as it is
A transformation takes place when something moves from the outside world into our perception. Our task then is to see the world as it is, not as we are. This calls on all of us to check our perception, manage our assumptions, and find ways of opening our perspective onto the world. Understanding how we use three filters can help with this…

Three Filters
When we perceive the world around us we delete, generalize, and distort it. These are three filters that we use to make sense of an otherwise overload of information. Indeed, we need to delete, we need to generalize, and we need to distort the world to form our perception. This however means that no perception is complete. All perception is incomplete.

A leading psychologist was asked what did he think was the best perception, or model, of the world that anyone could have. His answer was, “The one that gives you most choice.”

From Limiting to Liberating
A perception that gives us more choice is the shift from a limited perception to a liberated perception. And the brand that I have seen do this are the ones that are skilled in asking the right questions. Very simply we can see that the better the questions, the better the perception, and therefore the better the brand. They question how they see the big picture and they question their eye for details.

To see the world as it is, not as we are, starts by asking the right questions. Lets start by asking: What perception gives you the most choice?

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