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Tell Your Brand Story Like a TED Pro

Every story has three parts; a beginning, a middle and an end. The beginning sets the scene, sets the context, sets the scenario today. The beginning is all about this world. Next is the middle, which moves the reader into another world. In this other world, there awaits a great adventure. And then the end. The end is where we transition back from the other world into this world.

What this means, is that we are taking knowledge back from the other world into this world. The key feature of the third part of the storytelling is that it brings us home again. All great stories bring us home. When they do not, there is a sense of void: we miss something and we keep longing for the completion of the story.

 Three V’s of Storytelling

While great stories are always personal, they are always about something bigger than you and they always call you to take action. Great stories are action orientated and with the three V’s of storytelling, we will see how there is a flow to this action:

  1. Volume
    Volume is about the scale of the story; from three words to three million. It is about showing one image, or it is about showing a full length movie. The scale of the story is really about the volume of your story. No matter what the scale is, the principles are the same.
  1. Velocity
    How fast do you reveal the content from one tweet, to two thousand tweets? In other words, the velocity of how you tell your story is how much you tell the audience in a particular period of time. What is interesting about the velocity of storytelling, is that it requires the ability to balance what to reveal and what to conceal. It is important for you to know who you are telling your story to. First we engage people, then we inform them.
  1. Variety
    This is how to tell your story to different people in different ways. There is an art and science to this. It is about understanding who your audience is and what it is that they are longing to hear and longing to see. It is all about empathizing. It is about understanding from their perspective how they are going to experience your story.

Practice Makes Perfect

Now it is time to test your skills!

All you need to do is to go out and tell your story. By practicing the three V’s of storytelling, you will better understand the dynamics of storytelling and how to use them to stimulate action. Whether it is to prepare the perfect pitch for your startup, to develop a great branding strategy or to share your ideas with your team, business world is full of opportunities to improve your storytelling skills.

Looking forward to hearing your story!

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