Brand Story

Revealing the Art and Science Behind Every Successful Brand Story

Every brand has a story and all organizations have a desire to tell the story of their brand. I believe that it is an individual and collective desire in every successful company that longs to be expressed outwardly. This inner desire reflects an honest story, an authentic story and a personal story; all of which then needs to find its voice to be expressed externally. However, we begin internally.

All Stories Start Internally
This is our starting point, however it is important now to take a moment and reflect on how we are placed within the larger context of our world. Our world is now more complex, more confusing and more competitive than ever before. This creates something inside all of us that we need to address: the desire to tell our story while the confusion that takes place in so many stories in the world around us.

One of the guiding points that can help us move forward, is to connect to the feeling that we all have, that we are connected to something bigger. We believe that there is an inner connection we can make from ourselves to the bigger story, and this is an inward journey to express the result outwardly. This is where we start with the realization that there is something not quite right with the world around us. It is a desire that we can make the world better, it is a desire to change the world.

Balance the Art and Science
This brings us on to the point that storytelling is an art and science. This is the balance that needs to be found: to reflect on proven principles from a scientific perspective and deal with the art of how you use that from your perspective. For example, part of the art and science is to understand that storytelling is a balance between what to reveal and what to conceal. This is really where great stories distinguishing themselves from ordinary stories. By revealing just enough and concealing just enough, you find the sweet spot between keeping somebody engaged in the story and at the same time longing to want more. Concealing enough and revealing enough is an ongoing balance of the art and science of storytelling.

Another way of looking at this is that what happens during storytelling is a dynamic between the storyteller and the listener or the viewer. The storyteller presents events and the listener connects the events. This is where something is revealed, events, and something is concealed, how to connect those events. Great storytellers present events in a way where the listener is encouraged to connect them, this means that the listener brings their own meaning to their story. This way, storytelling is as well an art as a science.

This quote sets up the concept that stories hold a great source of knowledge, possibilities and potential within them, and when told in the correct way, they can represent universal or timeless principles that everybody can relate to. This relates back to something mentioned in the introduction, where storytelling is always best when it presents timeless principles that the listener applies in a timely way.

It is this balance between the timeless and the timely, in which the art and science of storytelling blossoms.

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