Hi, I am
Paul Hughes.

Author of Branded Growth
& founder of The Circle of Growth.

Success is not complicated. Success is complex. Complicated means it is difficult to understand. Complex means it has many connecting parts. I help you to make the complex clear, so that your success can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Expert of Growth.
Dublin native, Amsterdam resident.
From a long tradition of Irish Storytellers.

International organizations, global institutes, clients in over 40 countries.

With ‘Designer DNA’, he has moved from ‘The Business of Design to the Design of Business’. He is leading a movement that is driven by his formula for success.

1. Clarify Success

2. Simplify Growth

3. Multiply Results

My purpose is to help people like you grow, to reach success

For the last 30 years, I have focussed on growth: how I can grow, how I can help others grow and how organizations can grow. Growth became my focus because I discovered that growth for everyone leads to better results, which then leads to success. So whatever your definition of success is, it will be achieved by Results-Driven Growth.

The Making
Of My Philosophy

You know, I have had to learn this in an interesting way. If you are curious, here is a little bit about me.

In school, I was a below average student. I had difficulty learning and the educational system I was in did not help. I tried and I failed to work within that learning system. However, what I learned was that system did not suit me and my learning style. However, I found that I had a self-belief that I could learn, that I could grow. Also, I stopped making excuses, I took action. I asked myself: “Is there not a better way that I can learn? Is there not a better way to grow?”

So I looked for alternatives. And I was inspired by a quote from a philosopher called Confucius, who said:“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.”This connected with me. So, I knew I had to create a system to grow that was not only words, but also images and experiences. This is how you learn. This is how you grow, yourself, your network, your business. The facts tell us: if you read something, you get only 10% understanding. If you listen to something,you get 30% understanding.

However, if you use multimedia, if you listen and read and see, you get 50% and if you then practice, you get 80% ~ so with this old wisdom and these new facts I knew what to do. I knew that the best style of growth would include these things. This is why I do what I do: in my system of growth I reveal words and images before we then put them into practice. When I created this system I became successful. I increased my impact, improved my performance and multiplied my results. Not only was I able to accelerate my learning, my growth and my results, I also enjoyed learning. When you find your style of growth, growth is easy and fun.

Your ability to get results, is defined by your ability to grow

On my journey I discovered three very important things we all need to grow: we need knowledge, we need help in applying knowledge and we need a community to create knowledge. If we want to learn faster than the speed of experience, we need Training, Coaching, and Community Membership. These multiply your growth. So I discovered that success comes when you:

  1. Get training to find and use your style of growth
  2. Get a coach
  3. Join a community to surround yourself with successful people

So this is how I designed The Circle of Growth. It is based on my formula of maximising your success:

Personal Growth Style x Coaching x Successful Environment = Your Success.


A Gobal Community:
The Circle of Growth

I have worked in over 40 countries with 100’s of organizations, including companies such as Coca-Cola and 3M Technologies. I have worked with 10.000’s of business students in Academies around the world and I have been coaching CEO’s and entrepreneurs in every industry you can imagine. And I have been asked repeatedly by my clients and students to share this system with more people.

This is why I have created The Circle of Growth. It is really about accelerating your growth. However, I did this the hard way. So I have designed The Circle of Growth so you can do this the easy way. This is my personal desire: to help you find natural, easy growth.

The Three P’s of Growth: Patterns, Principles, Practice

In my determination to find my style of growth, I have read literally 1000’s of books, I have interviewed 100’s of people and I have practiced many different techniques. All of this uncovered what I call The Three P’s of Growth: Patterns, Principles, Practice. By reading these books, I have revealed key patterns that help you grow. By interviewing people, I have revealed key principles that help you grow. And by trying many different techniques, I have revealed key practices that help you grow. Patterns, Principles, and Practice are the What, the Why and the How of your Growth.

My purpose is to help people like you reveal your success. I have created The Circle of Growth to help you find your style of growth, coach you in getting better results and access a community of successful people. Together we grow and make a difference in the world.

I am looking forward to meeting you in The Circle of Growth.