Branded Growth by Paul Hughes

Revealing the Twenty-One Steps to Simplify Growth & Multiply Results

Do you feel your career needs a boost?
Is your start-up not growing fast enough?
Should your company be better at Branding


Clarifying your success, growing your business & multiplying your results can be as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Branded Growth takes the goal of every individual and every organization – growth – and shows you the one thing that so many people get wrong and when you get it right will maximise your growth, BRANDING.

I have reduced my twenty-one years of experience in the branding industry into 21 steps that will help you 1) clarify what success is to you, 2) simplify growth by finding your personal type and style, and 3) multiply your results to take you and your business to the next level.


A New Mindset To Achieve Better Results

No matter how much time and effort you put in your personal or organizational branding, it seems impossible to get results. You are not alone!

Branding related topics such as personal branding or employee branding became more of a fad used by marketing “gurus” to earn money from on people. However, without changing your mindset, you will only waste your time without any success.

Branded Growth gives you a new mindset of ‘growth’ and the main tool for growth here is branding. Whether you are an employee or you have your own business, Branded Growth will make you and your company grow, and help you overcome the 3 biggest branding mistakes others do:


Mistake 1: Focusing too much on yourself. Focus of your brand shouldn’t be yourself but your connections and customers.
Mistake 2: Pretending to be someone you are not. People will see through a fake identity. Be bold, be italic!
Mistake 3: Underestimating the power of branding. When it’s done right, branding will maximize your growth.


21 Important Questions
Branded Growth Will Help You Answer

1. What results do I want to achieve?
2. What differentiates me from others?
3. How do I overcome my fear?
4. How to formulate my identity?
5. What are my pain points?
6. What are the first steps for change?
7. How to disentangle my stars?
8. How to identify my strength?
9. What is an honest breakdown?
10. What is my vision?
11. How others see my vision?
12. Why vision matters?

13. How to simplify your essence?
14. What are my aspirations & operations?
15. How to elevate my clients?
16. What is the reach of my message?
17. Why trust matters?
18. What is the role of relations?
19. How to raise my flag?
20. Why to compound growth?
21. What is the formula to get instant results?


Hello, my name is Paul Hughes.

I have worked in over 40 countries with 100’s of organizations, including companies such as Coca-Cola and 3M Technologies. I have worked with 10.000’s of business students in academies around the world.

I have been coaching CEO’s and entrepreneurs in every industry you can imagine. And I have been asked repeatedly by my clients and students to share this system with more people.

For the last 30 years, I have focussed on growth: how I can grow, how I can help others grow and how organizations can grow. Growth became my focus because I discovered that growth for everyone leads to better results, which then leads to success.

So whatever your definition of success is, it will be achieved by Results-Driven Growth.

Harry Starren:

Hear About Branded Growth From An Industry Leader

"I won't beat around the bush: I think Paul Hughes is amazing.
For what he does, and for who he is.

He is in my opinion a total human being. A total human being (reprise), I pondered about the words 'Renaissance Man', but let's not overdo it. He combines streams of thinking and feeling that easily stay separated. If Paul talks about strategy, organisation and brands, he talks about us, who we are, and in a certain way, about what we are here for.

He inspires, he really does.
In doing so he makes himself known, and mirrors who we are.
It is impossible to listen to him and not start smiling.

This book is beyond smart (we all are smart, aren't we). It is wise. Wisdom doesn't wear fancy clothes. It is simple.

It is simple, come to think of it. Or is it?

Paul goes beyond just providing answers: he shares patterns of thinking, ways to perceive, lines and circles. His drawings are the work of an artisan. Boiled down to the minimum. Well designed. Easy but inimatable (believe me I tried).

This book, small as it is, boils down his thoughts. It's a brew, an Irish brew. Take it in slowly. It is strong stuff.

You can build a brand on it. Or even a life.

Take it from me.
Or more precisely take it from Paul."

Harry Starren
Chairman of the Federation of Dutch Creative Industries

5-facts-once-more copy
  1. Don't waste your time with formulas that don't lead to results. Branded Growth is all about concrete results.
  2. You can use Branded Growth to your improve your career, to grow your start-up and to be better at branding at work.
  3. It is practical. 21 easy step to follow.
  4. It is the only branding guideline designed to lead to personal and organizational growth.
  5. If it doesn't work for you, it's free.


If you are ready to clarify your success,

simplify your growth and multiply your results;

you are ready for Branded Growth.

Get Branded Growth For Just $27.00

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