“Engaging, provocative, exciting.”

“A multi-faceted, talented speaker.”

“At once informative & entertaining.”

Paul Hughes
Growth Expert.

Engaging audiences, increasing comprehension,
drawing live as he speaks for over two decades.

Over Two Decades of Experience.

Paul Hughes is an internationally renowned speaker and expert on growth. Drawing live as he speaks, he helps individuals and organizations find their style of growth. He believes that clarifying your success, growing your business and multiplying your results can be as simple as 1, 2, 3.

In the past two decades, Paul Hughes has spoken to tens-of-thousands of people across a wide variety of organizational, educational and governmental bodies, in more than 40 countries. Clients and audiences have included: Coca-Cola, 3M Innovative Technologies, Renault Automotive, ABN AMRO Bank, Rabo Bank, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Statkraft Energy, MEXX Fashion, Yale University, New York University, Carnegie Mellon Qatar, University of Amsterdam, and TEDx events.


A great speech has the

clarity of a picture book

Paul Hughes comes from a long tradition of Irish Storytellers. From this heritage he created a unique form of storytelling: Paul draws live as he speaks.

This form of live visual-storytelling engages audiences and is based on his belief that ‘a great speech has the clarity of a picture book’. By drawing live, a unique experience is created and the audience is captivated by the ‘reveal’ of his content – the viewer keeps asking ‘what happens next’ as Paul moves through his speech. Additionally, drawing live enhances comprehension – by revealing concepts one-at-a-time the viewer is taken step-by-step through the content.

Paul focuses on three things:
1. Results, 2. Results, & 3. Results.

There are many topics that Paul speaks about however all of them are focused on helping you get better results. He often says the three most important things in business are 1. Results, 2. Results, &3. Results. Whatever you do you will be more successful by getting more results.

Paul believes the path to getting better results in Growth. However, while there is much talk about growth, there is little talk about the types and styles of growth that are needed. Growth is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Growth needs to be tailor-made. There are types and styles of growth. Types of growth are universal, styles of growth are always unique. When you know the type of growth you need and the style of growth you have, you will multiply results.

The topics Paul talks about then are all about Results-Driven Growth.

Watch one of Paul's speeches online:

"Highly Intelligent"

Harry Starren, Chairman of the Dutch Creative Industries

“Paul is a craftsman in the best sense of the word, highly intelligent and with a tender sense of humour. He connects by sharing, and listening to him gives you the feeling that you knew him long before you actually met.”


Rani Saddi, Head of Marketing & Communication Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre

“Paul’s presentation captivated me: a great blend of oral and visual styles that shed light on a variety of interesting concepts. Paul brought clarity to an elusive topic in a very artistic manner. I would certainly recommend him to any organization.”


Daniel Truran, Madrid Business Schools Professor & B Corp Ambassador

“Paul has the unique ability to capture the soul, the essence of an organization. Then he creates a compelling and inspiring strategy around it, before he then communicates it effectively through key messages. And he can guide even there-branding of your organisation, so that it will capture the passion of all your stakeholders.”

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