Living Brand Culture

A Living Brand Culture

I work to help brands develop successful mindsets, for I believe once you get the mindset right everything else will follow. And the culture of a brand is formed from the collective mindsets of the individuals that work for that brand.

The culture of a brand is arguably the most important aspect of its success. It influences everything a brand does, everything. A brand culture defines who we are, answers questions on how to behave, offers insights to our competitive advantage and it greatly influences the implementation of strategy. Indeed the importance of culture on strategy can be summarized in the best American fashion with the saying “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.

The importance of brand culture is clear, the question is what makes a successful brand culture?

A Living Culture

While there seems to be as many brand cultures as there are brands, there is one dynamic that rises to the surface across all industries and throughout all successful cultures: A successful brand culture is a living brand culture.

The success of a cultures comes from a living dynamic that works to embrace the past while actively creating the future. A living culture is a culture that is maintained and modernized at the same time. 

A living corporate culture acknowledges the importance of carrying forward what is intrinsic to who we are (the essence), while leaving behind what is unnecessarily acquired along the way (the embers). It is the essence that lives on, and indeed is passed on, to the next generation.

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